Here is a nice link to how to write a decent bug report:

For a SharePoint project, I believe it is reasonable to expect a bug report to include at least
  1. SharePoint version, e.g., "SharePoint 2010 64-bit"
  2. Operating System, e.g., "Windows Server 2008"
  3. Project version, e.g., "Version For SharePoint 2010"
  4. Whether you have tried the latest available release, and if not, why not, or when you will
  5. What you did
  6. What you expected to see
  7. What you actually saw
  8. Copy & paste text of any error messages
  9. Copy & paste of any relevant ULS error messages (ref:

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Vlad47892 Mar 26, 2015 at 4:40 PM 
Cannot edit correct order of the displayed items in chart FCF_Bar2D. Items are displayed by the time they are added not by title order. Thank you in advance for your help.