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Lesson 3 : Advanced configuration of the Web Part "Chart From List"

Purpose of the lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to illustrate some advanced tips about the "Chart From List" web part. We assume that you have an existing list and a Chart From List Web Part configured on your site.

How to count records

You might want to count the number of records within a specific list. For example, if you have a list of "Tasks", you might want to count the number of tasks for each status.

The only thing you need to do is the specify :
- The name of the list you want to use
- The name of the column to use as horizontal (x) value
- The action you want to perform: in our case "COUNT"


This will group records by Status, and display the number of items for each Stauts.

How to sum records

Summing records is very similar to counting them, except that instead of counting the number of records, this will try to sum the values that are specified in the horizontal (x) value.

It is therefore important that the horizontal (x) value is something that you can sum : a number, a currency, ...
If you try to sum something that is not a number (eg: people, dates, ...) this will of course fail and you will get an error message.

You will also have to specify a vertical (y) value that will be used to group results.

Example : If you have a list "My List" that contains the money spend by each department in a company. You will configure your Web Part with the following settings.


This will display the amount (sum) of money spend by each department.

How to use custom colors

The Web Part is configured to use default colors. Of course, you can change those colors. To do so you just need to specify a list of colors separated by semi columns (";").

You will notice that colors should be provided in an HTML format. (eg: white is FFFFFF, black is 000000, red is FF0000).

Example : To display charts in gray scale, you will setup the following configuration.

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nirniron Mar 8, 2010 at 11:47 AM 
i have a problem when my values are written in hebrew..
my hebrew is set oppisite(direction of letters);
i tried to set the direction but with no success..
maybe a help will be great?

webkarma Jan 28, 2010 at 12:31 PM 
I have installed fusion charts using the setup and it got installed successfully. After having added the webpart and data in the list, the graph is not showing up. I get a message "Movie Not loaded" when i right click on that area ....
PL let me know what has to be done ..

thanks in advance