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Lesson 1 : How to use the Web Part "Chart From List" (15 minutes)

Purpose of the lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to illustrate how the Web Part "Chart From List" can be used and configured.

Create a standard SharePoint Issue List that we will use to generate charts

  • Open your web site
  • Click "Site Actions" and then "Create"
  • Select "Issue Tracking"
  • Create your list. We will name it "Issues" in this example

Create some sample elements in your list

  • Simply add random elements to the list by clicking the "New" button

Drop the Chart From List Web Part on a page

  • Open a page and modify it by clicking on "Site Actions" and "Edit Page"
  • Add a web part "Chart From List" to your page
  • Open the properties of the Web Part

Configuration of the web part

  • Expand the property section called "Fusion Charts"
  • Select the Chart Type "FCF_Bar2D"
  • Fill in the field "List name" with "Issues" (don't forget the upper case "I")
  • Fill in the field "Name of the column to use as horizontal (x) value" with "Priority"
  • Fill in the field "Action to perform over colmuns" with "COUNT"
  • Leave the other elements with their default values
  • Click "OK" to validate

Enjoy your first chart


Want to know more ???

This was the first lesson regarding the web part "Chart From List", you are now ready to take the second lesson...

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