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Lesson 0: Check my installation (10 minutes)

Purpose of this lesson

Ok, this is not really funny to check that everyting was installed correctly, but sometimes it helps to figure out what's wrong. The lesson will help you to check that Fusion Charts for SharePoint was installed correctly.

Step 1 : Check the feature

  • Open your SharePoint top level site (site collection)
  • Navigate to the site settings and click on "Site Collection Feature"
  • Check that the feature "Fusion Charts SharePoint" is activated
  • If it is not activated, try to simply activate it

Note : The feature should be automatically activated with the installer we provide. You'll have to activate the feature only if you perform a manual deployment of the .wsp file.

Step 2 : Check the Web Parts

  • Open your SharePoint top level site (site collection)
  • Navigate to the site settings and click on "Web Parts"
  • Check that the two web parts "ChartFromList.webpart" and "ChartFromXml.webpart" are in the list
  • If you don't see the two Web Part, try to click on the button "New" in order to install them.

Note : The Web Parts should be automatically installed and activated when you activate the feature.

Step 3 : Drop the two webparts on a page

  • Open a SharePoint page (eg: The home page of any site)
  • Click on "Site Actions" and then "Edit Page"
  • Click on "Add a Web Part" and select the two Web Parts related to Fusion Charts for SharePoint and click "Add"
  • You should then see the two webparts on your page
  • Next steps will be to configure them so that they do what you want...

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RodrigoNDC Jun 4, 2014 at 2:56 PM 
I've problem with step 1 and 2, i couldn't locate the "Fusion Charts SharePoint" on Features and the "ChartFromList.webpart" on webparts, but the installation and deploy has sucessfully. What i have to do?

LeSanglier Jan 11, 2010 at 7:59 AM 
I got the same problem as Amitoni.

amitoni Dec 31, 2009 at 4:41 AM 

Great app! I installed it successfully but at step 2 - I can only see ChartfromXML webpart in the list - I couldn't locate the ChartfromList.webpart file on the server. What am I missing? Thanks for your time!